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How to do a Popstream

Using Popstream is SUPER simple. We’ll break it down into 5 steps:

The steps for a popstream illustrated.

1. Open your room

Go to your room by opening a browser and visiting https://app.popstream.live/creator/signin to login. Once you're signed in tap the "Start Popstream" button to open your room.

2. Invite fans to your room

Once you've opened your room, you’ll have your own unique link to start a Popstream. All you have to do is drop that link on your socials to let your fans know you’ll be on Popstream, and wait for them to jump on.

3. Fans join the line

When your fans tap the link on your socials, they’ll be prompted to enter some basic info and complete a one-tap payment. After that, they’ll be in the line waiting for their chance to talk to you!

4. Talk to your fans

One at a time, you’ll have a 60-second call with each fan waiting in line. Feel free to have fun with it, be as original and creative as you want, and give them the experience of a lifetime!

5. Get paid

Each fan joining the line will pay an amount that you set for each 30-second call. That means with each fan interaction, you’re getting to know your top supporters and making some extra cash.

Popstream Partner Program: In order to get paid, you must accept an invite to our Popstream Partner Program.

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