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What is Popstream?

Popstream is a virtual meet-and-greet livestream app to connect with your fans. It's a seamless process (feels like a FaceTime call), a great way to build authentic connections with your followers, and can be used to create a new revenue stream at the same time.

Who is Popstream for?

Popstream is for everyone. It's perfect for influencers, creators, and public figures with highly-engaged audiences who want to earn money or support their favorite charity. Some popstreamers have made up to $1,500/hour! Popstream is a great complement to brand deals and ad revenue and gets your fans actively involved.

Set up your Popstream

Set your price, fan call length, and the maximum number of fans you want to meet

Popstream stream settings page.

Spread the word

Share your custom stream link on social media

Meet your fans!

Start your stream and connect with fans one-on-one

Get paid

A new revenue stream or fundraise for a good cause!

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Is there an app that I need to download?

No, Popstream does not require any app downloads and can be accessed through an internet browser. For the smoothest experience we recommend using Safari on mobile.

How do I sign up to host meet and greets?

Visit our Sign Up page and join today.

How will my fans join the stream?

Fans join the stream using your personal link. You can post this link to your Instagram or Snapchat Story, put it in your Instagram or TikTok bio, or pin it in a comment during a livestream on YouTube, Twitch, or Instagram.

How do I log in?

If you already have an account, can log in anytime using your phone number at this link: http://app.popstream.live/creator/signin

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