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Building Audience Loyalty

July 19, 2022

My audience is shrinking.

My audience isn’t growing.

I’m not making as much money.

Are you telling yourself these phrases? Chances are you’re not alone. Your career in the creator economy can be reduced to one statistic - audience engagement. Here are some tips on how to keep your audience engaged that perhaps you have yet to try.

Diversify your channels

Financial advisors would not tell you to put all of your money in one company’s stock. They would advise you to diversify and spread your funds across multiple companies. Similarly, try to diversify the channels you use to reach your audience. If you’re only focusing on one channel, then you’re missing an opportunity to engage on the other channels. You don’t have to put equal effort into all of your channels. You can post most of your content to one of them, spending less time on the others. The point is to avoid being a mono-channel creator.

Leverage your channels to cross-promote

With an omnichannel setup, you can utilize them to push your audience to one or more channels. Did you just post to TikTok? Then create an expiring story on Snap or Insta that shows a preview of that content. You don’t know where your audience is at a specific time, so cross-promoting can cover all of your bases.

Use your audience to multiply your reach

This is the definition of virality. But you’re at the mercy of “The Algorithm” to get your content to the right audience. If you can target your content to an individual follower, perhaps that follower can re-post it to their audience. Use your creativity and genuineness here. A kind, charitable gesture to a specific individual or group can go a long way, but can backfire if you’re just doing it for the publicity.

Those are just a few of the tips to try to keep your audience engaged. Try all of them to help with your creator career.

Photo credit: Nicholas Green on Unsplash

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