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Popstream FAQ

What is a popstream?

Think of it as a virtual meet-and-greet where your fans wait in line to talk to you. Each fan signs up for one of the popstreams you promote. Once you start the popstream, you get to have a video chat with the next fan in line. The popstream continues until all of your fans in the line have met you.

Watch our video collage of various popstreamers on our Twitter account for you to see how the magic happens.

What happens if a fan misses their turn or the stream is ended early?

Fans who don’t show up are automatically skipped and are sent a refund. If you have to end your stream early for any reason, any fans still in line will automatically receive a refund.

Are there any fees?

Popstream currently takes 10% of ticket sales for our operational costs. These include customer support, regular platform updates, and SMS alerts for creators and fans. The fee is subject to change at our discretion.

How do I get paid?

Only approved Popstreamers are eligible to get paid. When your first payment is due, we will send you an invitation to make an account with Bill.com. After that we will automatically send payments every week.

What will I talk about with my fans?

Say hi to your fans or create a theme for the meet and greet! Ask fans to come with questions or play a game.

Are there any safety features in place?

Yes, you can leave a call or end the entire stream at any time by pressing the button in the lower right corner of the screen while on a call. You can then easily report behavior that doesn’t follow the Terms of Service.

Will fans have access to my phone number?

No, Popstream hosts video calls through our platform and only requires your phone number for login purposes.

How long will I talk to each fan?

You talk with each fan for 90 seconds. Participants can see the time remaining on screen.

How do I log in?

If you already have an account, can log in anytime using your phone number at this link: http://app.popstream.live/creator/signin

How will my fans join the stream?

Fans join the stream using your personal link. You can post this link to your Instagram or Snapchat Story, put it in your Instagram or TikTok bio, or pin it in a comment during a livestream on YouTube, Twitch, or Instagram.

How do I sign up to host meet and greets?

Visit our Sign Up page and join today.

Is there an app that I need to download?

No, Popstream does not require any app downloads and can be accessed through an internet browser. For the smoothest experience we recommend using Safari on mobile.